The Ultimate Disc Golf Dictionary

November 19, 2020

The Ultimate Disc Golf Dictionary

We at Disc Sports Canada love disc golf and Ultimate frisbee. With more and more Ultimate players picking up disc golf we want to make sure there's a rosetta stone for all you converts. We rounded up a list of commonly used terms and definitions. You may be able to sling some discs, but you need to learn the lingo. 

 Disc Golf Term Ultimate Term Definition
Albatross n/a

3 Under Par

Anhyzer Outside In Backhand

The outside edge of the disc is thrown at a higher angle and tilted upward

Basket Endzone

A target to finish out the hole 

Beast Mode

Beast Mode

Playing with extreme focus and high intensity
Bid Layout Bid Attempting to hole the basket from a certain distance
Birdie Out Bagel a Team To shoot 1 under par on the remaining holes. Kind of like destroying the other team. 
Cash You can make money?

When a player earns money from a tournament

Circle Redzone

10 meter circle around the basket. Don't travel!

Crush Boost It

A very far throw

Death Putt Zone D

A basket surrounded by hazards

DGPT Club Season

A touring tournament called the Disc Golf Pro Tour

Distance Driver Ultrastar - there's more than 1 disc?

A disc that if thrown properly will fly the farthest

Drive Pull

First shot from the tee

Fairway Driver Ultrastar - there's more than 1 disc?

A disc that if thrown properly will go far but not as far as a distance driver. 

Foot Fault Travel

A throw when your foot moves beyond the marker disc before release

Forehand Flick

A disc golf throw that has your thumb on the outside and index + middle finger are on the inside of the disc. 

Full Flight Full Field Pull

A throw that goes the total distance the disc allows

Guardian Mark

An obstacle in the way of the thrower

Half Go Gratuitous Layout

A half attempt at a risky putt

Hazard Out of bounds

The part of the course that is out of bounds and will incur 1 stroke

Hyzer Inside Out Backhand

A throw in which the outside rim of the disc is tilted downward

Jump Putt Greatest

A putt where the thrower jumps from the marker and releases before making ground contact

Kiss Mack

When a disc barely touches something and doesn't impact the flight

Lie "Where did that go out of bounds?"

Where the disc lands

Midrange Ultrastar - you mean there are more discs? 

A disc that when thrown properly will go somewhat farther than a putter but not as far as driver

Marker Disc Set a pivot

A disc (usually a mini) that marks the spot of your disc. You cannot go past this mark until release of disc. 

Mulligan Contest

A redo of a throw (not allowed in tournament game play)

Overstable Backhand With Ultrastar

The path of a throw when it fades to the left when thrown as a righty back hand

Parked In stride A thrown disc landing very close to the basket
PDGA USA Ultimate/WFDF The governing body of the sport of Disc Golf. 
Play-Off Universe Point Sudden death play to determine winner after a tie
Provisional Continuation rule The act of throwing another disc if the event that the first disc landed OB. 
Pull Huck The act of throwing
Putter Ultrastar - Are you kidding another disc?  A disc used specifically for putting
Risk-Reward 50/50 pass Balancing the risk vs reward to going for a more difficult landing area i.e. an island vs lay up
Round A game The course of a game - usually 18 holes
Scoober Scoober Throwing a disc upside down 
Skip Down! And or when someone on campus walk picks up your disc and says check this out.  When a disc is thrown to skip off the ground.
Splash Out Bobble/Drop When a disc hits the chains but doesn't fall in the basket
Taco Taco When a disc hits the ground hard enough that it bends in the shape of a taco
The Turn Half-time The midway point of the round usually after hole 9
Tomahawk Hammer You know what a hammer is! Don't try to play dumb. You throw it every chance you get. 
Touring Pro AUDL Player A disc golfer that travels to play disc golf tournaments and usually get paid for it
Tree-nied Hand blocked When a throw is destroyed by hitting a tree
Turnover not a turnover but could lead to one Disc flight that turns the opposite direction of what it's supposed to
Worlds Worlds PDGA World Championships
Worm-Burner Airbounce without going up A throw that starts low and stays low to the ground
Yank Shank When a throw goes way to far to the right when thrown as a backhand.



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