Greatest Sky Trainer for Ultimate

$199.00 CAD


Greatest Sky Trainer is a fun, user-friendly, portable kit for Ultimate players and other athletes - the perfect tool for testing and improving your skys, practicing your jump footwork, and competing with your teammates.

Pick one up for individual training, team practices, or tournament/league sideline challenges!

- Quick and easy assembly

- Extends to maximum height of 12ft/3.65m

- Packs into shoulder bag for convenient carrying

- Comes with disc reset pole for fast reloading

Check the world wide sky ranking here!

The kit includes:

  • 1 x Tripod base

  • 3 x Pole sections, with printed scale in metric and imperial units

  • 1 x Overhead bar with magnet

  • 2 x Disc magnet

  • 1 x Disc reset pole

  • 1 x Shoulder bag

  • 1 x Assembly instructions

Not included:

  • Disc

  • Strong tape or glue, for attaching the magnet to your disc

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This product only ships within Canada.

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