Discmania Metal Flake C-Line DD 173-176

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The first dealer exclusive release is now available with the introduction of Metal Flake C-Line DD! These discs have been produced specifically for Discmania’s retailers only and will not be sold on any of the Discmania online stores. If some inventory remains later, DM stores may elect to create alternate stamped versions 30-60 days later.

The addition of Metal Flakes in the plastic not only gives it a shiny flare, but puts a little extra beef on the flight of the disc, making it slightly more over stable than the traditional C-Line version would. And definitely more than the stock S-Line run as well.

Dealer Exclusive vs. Dealer Appreciation:

Dealer exclusive: Offered to you first for a period of time. Chance that alternate versions may exist later
Dealer appreciation: Products that are offered to retailers only and no other versions will be produced on any DM stores.

This is the DD, Discmania’s most understable Originals Distance Driver – Reinvented.

A beginner or advanced player is going to pick one up right away and notice a drastic change in the distance added to their game with a DD. Higher skilled players will use these for max distance and controlled lines with shot shaping abilities. Legend has it some are still flying to this day. Got a big tailwind? Reach for this one ASAP. Anything else is up to you. DD will fight for the top slot in your bag day in and day out.

Best Choice for: tailwinds or pure distance shots/powered-down control shots

Speed: 11 Glide: 6 Turn: -3 Fade: 2